Despite advancements in cybersecurity the frequency and scale of cyber-attacks is growing exponentially. Our Predator-Prey Platform and its proprietary algorithms search billions of records - public and private - to identify threat actor attitudes, motivations, attack techniques and behavioral patterns. We believe organizations should become more familiar with why they are likely to be attacked and who the adversaries are. Without a clear picture of the why and the who it's difficult to know how to prepare for when the inevitable happens -- a significant cyber-attack against you.

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It’s estimated that cyber-crime costs the global economy over $1 trillion annually. Significantly this is mainly an uninsured loss. Our Predator-Prey Platform uses artificial intelligence and deep analytics to analyze an organization’s cyber-risk lifecycle from defense in depth and resilience to executive insights and insurance. Our services are available individually and are complimentary to each other.

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Our cyber-risk research and development teams work to understand existing and emerging global threats and predator behavior patterns. We advise clients to get better acquainted with the evolving motivations of adversaries involved in cyber-crime to understand in detail why they are a target, who is going to attack and how they will attack.

Breaches undiscovered for more than two months

How much cyber-crime is covered by insurance

Organizations with a cyber-incident response plan

Most compromises took minutes, or less

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